28 January 2015

BeeGee is resting at Rainbow Bridge

My name is Claire - I am BeeGee's Mumma. I am so sad, my heart is broken, BeeGee went to rainbow bridge yesterday. He got sick very suddenly, so I made the decision to let him go. He was very brave, and passed peacefully in my arms.
He will be forever in my heart.
This will be the last post on this blog.

17 January 2015

It's been a long time since I writed anything - I've been super busy with Mum. We go all over the place to agility shows.
So last time I wrote I had hurt my leg and had to have an operation. Well guess what? I hurt the other one too and had to have another operation. It really hurt this time, but Mum took good care of me and got some special pills from the vet which made me feel better. I'm mostly better now, but my back legs still hurt sometimes, and Mum bought some steps to help me get on the couch. I'm learning to use them (I use them much better when Mum coaxes me with a treat).
Crazy Mum - she went and got ANOTHER dog. Thats right!!! This one came from the pound, same place as Buddy. Her name is Ruby and she's pretty cool, but goodness she barks even louder than I do. I taught her to chase birds so she barks alot teehee.
Speaking of Buddy, he went to Rainbow Bridge last year, he was getting pretty old. Mum said he had something wrong with his spine and she didn't want him to suffer.
This is Buddy, he was my first friend, he even let me hump him when I was a puppy. I love him and I miss him. See you again one day Buddy.

02 January 2013

Bichon with a bad knee

Mum says it's cos I'm getting old. What's that? What's this 'old' thing? Can you eat it? Can ya chase it? Anyways, I got a sore leg. Was fine one minute, and next thing my leg stopped working. I couldn't put it on the ground. Mum was real worried. She took me to the vet (blech) and they said it was my cruciate ligament (whatever that is). They said they could fix it with an operation, and Mum wanted me to be all better. So I said I'd be brave and get it done (just to make her happy). Well, the night before my operation, Mum was carrying me down the steps so I could go toilet, and she fell. I thought she was going to drop me, but she didn't cos she loves me lots. She had to have x-rays and now she wears a funny big black boot. Something about a hairline fracture, I don't know, maybe she's got that 'old' thing too. I'm feeling much better now, can use my leg a little bit, but Mum keeps telling me off cos I keep licking licking licking. She makes me wear the cone of shame.

Here's a pic of my sore knee

13 July 2012

Sooooo here's me looking all cool and sleek doin some agility. Mum took me to the Masters Games, we all know I'm the master right? Anyways a nice lady called Theresa took some pics (cos Mum was busy). I brought home some medals from that show, and, I got a 2nd place ribbon in Jumpers C at a Championship Show. Mum was soooo excited. At that same show, I bowled her over in the ring. Took her out like a bowling pin hehe. She jumped up and took a bow, cos everyone was clapping so we musta done good huh?